MORIAL MOD a brilliant history of success with worldwide reputation which started in Switzerland – the cradle of the Swiss watch making industry.

Today like yesterday, MORIAL MOD is synonymous with tradition and innovation. 

From the craftsman’s workshop to the company of international renown, from mechanical watches to quartz chronographs, MORIAL MOD has always set itself a single target: to guarantee flawless quality resulting from technical refinement and inimitable know-how.

The story of MORIAL MOD? It has been written over years.

In a small workshop with wooden, with passion for time measurement every spring, every gear-train is made by hand. At that period

there was no question of standardization or of international norms.

Over the years,MORIAL MOD diversifies production and conquers many markets abroad.A constant wish to participate in the latest technical advances gives MORIAL MOD a chance of increasing his collection of QUARTZ watches.

Wishing to meet the diversified tastes of his clientele MORIAL MOD develops a range of square and multiform watches allying original design with a subtle play of colors.

MORIAL MOD is a global brand,recognized for its distinctive style and represented in more than 20 countries.